Expectations Vs Reality (Travel)

Whatever expectations we have, doesn’t always turns into reality. There are many travel places around the world which are very different in reality than we imagined them as to be! check out these some tourist places which are unusual in reality.

  1. Howrah Bridge: It is world’s most crowded river bridge, but how much crowded? Check the below photo.



2) Sun Temple: One of the oldest & only temple which is dedicated to Sun. It is located at Konark. Will you believe it has a number of stalls & vendors nearby? Check the expectations & reality.


                                                                       REALITYSun Temple.jpg

3) The Gateway of India: India’s west coast entry through the Arabian Sea, The Gateway of India is a beautiful tourist place. Visit this place & get amazed to the number of tourists around.



4) Puri Beach: The Second largest beach of India will make you think it’s calm, relaxing & less crowded beach. But reality speaks different mouth.





5) Car Museum: Expecting Mercedes, BMW & Lamborghini? Check Sudha Car Museum.



Hope you had fun reading my article! Stick to my blog.

Keep Travelling,



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