Places to visit before you die!

Amazing places around the world which need to be visited before you die.

1. Northern lights:

It can be seen in Norway, Greenland, Iceland & Canada, a green colour wind with pink shadow flows in the air during the night. September to March is the best period to see Northern Lights.

Northern lights.jpg
Nothern lights

2. Stratosphere:

The Stratosphere is a tower hotel which offers tower top based ride located in Las Vegas. 1149 feet’s up to experience some unique rides which include Sky jump, Insanity, X-Scream & big Shot.

The Stratosphere, Las Vegas

3. Maho Beach:

Located in St. Martin, Caribbean Island is a beach which is near to the airport. Whenever aeroplane flies from this airport it flies from a very short height of the people which blow them.

Maho Beach

4. Swing at the end of the world:

A Treehouse in Ecuador has a rope swing which is at the cliff of the mountain.

Swing at the end of the world

5. Slide on a Rock Waterfall:

It is located in North Carolina. It is a natural water slide.

Sliding Rock.jpg
Sliding Rock at North Carolina, USA

6. Maeklong Railway Market:

It is a Thai market in which railway passes daily. The train passes 8 times in a day.

Thai Market Train.jpg
Thai Train Market Maeklong

7. Insano Water Ride:

It is world’s tallest water slide located in Brazil.

Insano Water Ride Brazil

8. Trolltunga:

It is located in Norway. It is a piece of rock that stands horizontally. It takes 8-10 hours hiking with the return.

The climb
The Top

Get your passport ready for some stamping 😀

Keep Travelling,




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