Kalsubai – The highest peak in Maharashtra

Mountains are the miracle of nature. They are large, giant & sumptuous. It is a wonder that how they are formed & still erected in good conditions. Mt. Everest is World’s highest peak which is located in Nepal. Kanchenjunga is India’s highest peak. When it comes to Maharashtra we commemorate Kalsubai. It is located in Ahmednagar district which is approx. 160 km away from Mumbai. Kalsubai is a dream of every trekker to climb.


About the village:

Base village is named ‘Bari’. I have never seen such a beautiful, pleasant & happening village. The people here are so happy, relaxed & kind to tourist! Bari village has 2 schools. The main occupation of native people of Bari is farming & tourism. Every house holds a large area of land. Throughout the year, they cultivate different crops. From rice to green chickpeas & wheat are the major crops here. Another major reason for their happiness is River Waki. This river originates from Kalsubai & helps farmers for their fields.  The climate in Kalsubai is mild throughout the year.

Some native villagers climb the Kalsubai every day to sell foods & drinks to tourist. Being a travel attraction, Kalsubai receives a large number of tourist from all around the Maharashtra. Hence tourism is the second major occupation of Bari people.



The Trek:

Kalsubai trek is full of adventure! It checks your physical & mental ability. It also checks your patience. If you are scared of height & you are new to trekking, then it will be a quandary for you. Trek starts from village Bari. I was travelling with my two other counterparts Pranay & Dhruv. We started the trek. The birds were enjoying the bath on the shore of the river. Birds chirping was a treat to ears.


To reach Kalsubai you need to cross various hills. It takes approx. 3 hours to reach the top. There are several food joints where you can enjoy the lemon juice. Trekking is fully exhausting & frazzling! When you think that you are too close to reaching the top, Kalsubai will play a trick. Mental power is very necessary for this trekking!


We reached in the middle of the mountain. There was a large space for camping. Once you reach this point, consider more 1.30 hours to go..! I gave up completely! I was not in senses to climb more. Pranay & Dhruv were enthusiastic. As I could not leave them alone, I had to be positive! If you want to do night tenting, this area is best! It has huge space to explore. After this point, trekking becomes riskier. Meet the iron ladders – another hurdle to reach the top.


These iron ladders are steep, no proper space to place your feet. Strange thing is, these ladders are not fixed properly! It may fall at any time. Some ladders were bent towards one side which was making the trek more difficult!


After all the patience & efforts you reach the grassland! You can see the TOP! But it’s on another peak! This is Kalsubai for you! Suddenly energy restored & we were more motivated. There was just one long ladder which would take us to the highest peak of the Maharashtra! Around 60 steps & you are at the top! We started climbing the iron stairs. Feet were paining unbearably. Last five steps… 4… 3… 2…. 1…. & we step on the highest point of this great state!

at the Top Collage.jpg

The peak has a small area which is not suitable for camping! It has a temple of Kalsubai . Electricity has reached the peak. The peak gets illuminate during Navaratri. The 360° views of surrounding are like heaven! Wherever you see, you will sight mountains! There was no building, no modern construction & no pollution till the farthest sight. It was bliss! it was silence! & it was an achievement! An achievement of reaching the top of Maharashtra!

We spent some relaxing moment. It was time to board down. Getting down from Kalsubai is another big challenge! You will feel climbing was easier than boarding down. The knees, foot nails & thighs will soak into the pain. It was so tedious to climb down. I was wishing that base should come soon. It took 2 hours for us to reach the base & trek ended with great memories!


Crazy / Interesting / Unknown facts about Kalsubai

  1. Kalsubai has witnessed movements of tigers in recent days, but tiger never harmed humans. Villagers claim that they have seen tigers multiple times.
  2. From the top of the Kalsubai, you can observe different forts like Harishchandra fort.
  3. During Navratri, the village fair happens at Kalsubai. Thousands of devotees visit the temple. The whole mountain gets illuminated.
  4. Kalsubai has a water well. better not to drink the water from this well as it has a lot of germs.
  5. Top of the Kalsubai is not suitable for tent, however, you can set up the tent at 300 meters below of the top.

How to reach:

The private vehicle is always recommended. There are very few government buses till Bari. Bus frequency is every 3 hours. To reach Kalsubai, you need to get down at village Bari. Take a local train till Kasara station. There are plenty sharing taxi’s from Kasara station till Bari village, but they are overcrowded & they charge INR 100 per passenger. The first government bus leaves for Bari at 7 in the morning. The bus route is – Kasara station, Igatpuri station, Ghoti village bus depot & village Bari. You can catch Akole or Sangamner buses.

While returning back, be more careful as the last bus departs at 6 pm from Bari. This bus is always overcrowded & often comes late.

Tickets & Prices: 

Bus ticket: Approx. Rs 50 from Kasara till Bari (Via Versa)

Sharing taxi: Rs 100 one way

Entry fees: None

Lemon Juice: From Rs 10 to Rs 25 (Depends on the height)


Cleanliness: 7/10

Budget: 4/10

Suitable for: Trekkers

Food: 3/10

Shopping: 1/10

Overall: 4/10


Though Kalsubai is a tough trek, one should do this trek in his lifetime! You will surely feel the difference. My name is Sameer. I will be travelling soon with my travel buddies! Thank you for reading this blog. Stay connected!

Keep travelling,



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