10 Things to do at Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park is world’s only Urban Forest which is located at Borivali. It is one of the highest paid tourist attraction in Mumbai. On weekends it receives a huge number of tourist. There are various activities to do apart from just visiting. Here is a quick list of the things which can be done at SGNP!


1) Deer spotting – Why to visit the zoo to see caged deer when you can see them roaming freely? Take Lion Safari route and witness many deer roaming around the villages. Do not feed or tease them. You can sight Spotted Deer, Sambar Deer and Nilgai Deer.

2) Safari – Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) has Tiger and Lion Safari. Both are highly recommended. Witness the giant Lion and Royal Bengal tiger roaming around when you are caged inside a bus. Charges are approx. INR 60 for an adult and INR 25 for a child.


3) Cycling – Hate traffic and pollution? SGNP has a truly beautiful route of 6 km on which you can peddle a cycle along with dense forest surrounded by you. Renting a cycling is little expensive at SGNP but it’s the best way to explore the National Park. Rental is approx. INR 200 and charges are INR 80 for two hours


4) Boating – Enjoy pedal boating at National Park Lake. Boat rental is only INR 50 per person and it’s very different experience! The water comes from Tulsi and Vihar Lake.


5) Mini-Train – Vanarai is a mini toy train inside the National Park. A 30 minutes train journey will take you through the forest. En-route you will pass by a tunnel and a bridge. Also see deer, peacock, eagle and rabbits inside the cage. Tickets are approx. INR 50 for an adult and INR 20 for a child.


6) Bird Watching – Spot hundreds of birds at SGNP. With approx. 200 of different bird species which includes Hornbill, Sunbird, Falcon Owlets and much more. Do not forget to carry your binocular.

7) Jogging / Walking – SGNP has pretty good trails and paths for a morning jog or a simple walk. The roads are well connected and surrounded by beauty. Pump up your lungs with pure air at SGNP and stay healthy!


8) Kanheri Caves – Ancient Buddhist caves at Kanheri are must see! Maintained by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) these caves receives beautiful waterfalls during Monsoon. Kanheri caves are the highest point in Mumbai from where you can get a glimpse of the city and lake. Located at 6 km from SGNP main gate, the road is scenic and pleasant.




9) Bike / Car rides – SGNP is among the very few National Park around the India which permits vehicles inside the park. Caution: the Speed limit is 20kmph. Drive a 6 km distance till Kanheri or a short distance up the hill at Gandhi Memorial with picturesque views.


10) Camps and Events – This National Park frequently organises Natural trails and various camps. Night Under the stars is a worth attending programme. Other camps such as Butterfly garden, Shilonda trail and many other are active. Visit official website for more.


I hope now you can do more stuff at SGNP rather than just visiting it. You may purchase online tickets of all the activities from HERE. Spend a good time but do not spoil the environment and do not litter. Let’s protect out mother earth!

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6 thoughts on “10 Things to do at Sanjay Gandhi National Park

  1. One of my favorite destinations in Bangalore.
    You have explained all reasons to like this place, loved reading it. Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    Would you like to know some more fun activities to do in Bangalore? Happy to share this article with you – Acvities in Bangalore.


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