25 Attractions in India which are the substitute to foreign Trips

Tourism plays a key role in country’s economy. We all love to travel. There are million of Tourist attractions all over the world. Those who can’t afford a foreign trip to explore these attractions, India is the second option. India has almost similar attractions which can be visited in lesser the cost. Let’s have a look at the Substitutes for Foreign attractions.

1) Antarctica Vs Run of Kutch –


Covered with highly dense snow, fully whitish, Antarctica is a wonder to Nature. The Same phenomenon happens in India at Kutch in Gujrat where the layer of land is of salt. This is the largest salt desert in the world.

2) Niagara Falls Vs Chitrakoot Waterfall –


If Niagara falls are famous for its broadness, then you must check Chitrakoot waterfall which is at Chattisgarh. This waterfall is known as Niagara of India. Looks so similar, doesn’t it?

3) Statue of Liberty Vs Buddha statue in Hussain Sagar –


A France’s gift to the people of USA, Statue of Liberty which is located on Liberty island at Hudson river. But we at India have a similar attraction in Hyderabad. Statue of Gautam Buddha at Hussain Sagar Lake. Take a ferry from Lumbini Garden and reach the base of this world’s tallest Monolithic statue.

4) Arc de Triomphe Vs Gateway of India –


Have heard of India gate and Gateway of India? Same, isn;t it? Built to welcome the Queen of England in Mumbai, Gateway of India attracts thousand of tourist daily.

5) Krabi Beaches Vs Goa –


Beaches of Goa are not less than any Thailand beaches. Goa attracts not only Domestic tourists but also International one.

6) Leaning Tower of Pisa Vs Qutub Minar –


Qutub Minar at Delhi is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. Erected since 1199 this monument is an alternative for Leaning tower of Pisa.

7) Sydney Opera House Vs Lotus Temple –


Lotus temple at Delhi is same looked like a structure of Sydney’s Opera house.

8) Badshahi Mosque Vs Jama Masjid –


Jama Masjid at Delhi and Mecca Masjid at Hyderabad both are alternatives of Badshahi Mosque in Karachi.

9) Great Wall of China Vs Kumbhalgarh –


The Great Wall of China is world’s longest wall however, India has second longest Wall. Kumbhalgarh fort in Mewar, Rajasthan has 38 km long wall.

10) Big Ben Vs Kolkata Tower –


Big Ben like replica is located at Kolkata known as “Kolkata Time Zone”. The four giant clocks face the four directions. Each of these clock faces has a diameter of 12 ft each.

11) Switzerland Vs Manali –


Visiting Switzerland is everyone’s dream but not in everyone’s budget. Shimla in Himachal Pradesh is the Indian version of Switzerland. With Snowfall in December, it receives a number of tourists.

12) Central Park NYC Vs Central Park Mumbai –


New York’s Central Park is just a marvellous example of Urban Park. Located in New york city, this park receives millions of visitors. Now, no need to visit New York for Central Park. Visit Navi Mumbai’s Central Park which is the largest garden in Asia. With amphitheatre and kids playing area, this park will change the face of Navi Mumbai.

13) Sensoji Temple Vs Dragon Palace –


This is Japan’s oldest temple. Now, see Nagpur’s Dragon Palace which looks similar to this one. Dragon Palace area is so beautiful. This temple worships the teachings of Gautam Buddha.

14) Grand Central Terminal NYC Vs CST –


New York’s Grand Central Terminal is the 2nd busiest railway station, but which is the busiest? Meet Mumbai’s CST (Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminals) railway station. Ranked in UNESCO world heritage site, this railway station was built is Italic Gothic style.

15) Disneyland Vs Imagica –


Off course you can not compare Disney’s theme parks with any other park but if you are budget conscious and want to visit a Theme park in India, try Adlabs Imagica! It is located 90 km away from Mumbai which is an International level theme park.

16) Golden Gate Bridge Vs Pamban Bridge –


Stunning Golden Gate Bridge is a pride of San Francisco. Tamil Nadu’s Pamban bridge is a railway bridge which connects Rameshwaram to Pamban island via sea route. This is India’s first Sea bridge ever built. It is scenic and 2 km long. Take a ride during monsoon. It will be super thrilling!

17) Angel Falls Vs Dudhsagar Falls –


Angel falls is World’s tallest waterfall. To have a competition with this, we have Dudhsagar Waterfall from Karnataka. The water is milky-white and when a train passes by, the water falls on the train which makes the journey unforgeable.

18) Hollywood Walk of Fame Vs Walk of the Stars –


In Los Angeles, most popular Hollywood actors have their own star embedded on a street. Starstruck’s click pictures with their favourite actor’s Walk of fame star embed. In Mumbai, we have “Walk of the Stars”. Located in Bandra this Walk of the Stars presents the signature, statues, and handprints of various Bollywood actors.

19) Louvre Museum Vs Salar Jung Museum-


Lovre Museum, Paris is a large museum which contains an original painting of Mona Lisa. If you love Museums and if you admire paintings, I will recommend you to visit Hyderabad’s Salar Jung museum. It takes 2-3 days to explore the Salar Jung museum. Yes, it is that big!!!

20) National Museum of China Vs Indian Museum Kolkata-


Large Chinese museum preserves all Chinese history with it. Wait a sec, You probably haven’t visited Indian Museum, Kolkata. This is India’s oldest museum. With various departments such as Coins, Textile, Animals, Birds this museum displays the Indian history very well. This museum also contains Real Egyptian Mummy.

21) Cathedral de St. John Baptist Vs St. Paul Cathedral-


Kolkata’s St. Paul Cathedral is another Christian prayer room which looks similar to Cathedral de St. John Baptist.

22) Amazon Rainforest Vs Sundarban –


South America’s Amazon rainforest plays very crutial role in our eco-stseym. Hoewver, India-Bangladesh’s Sundarban creates the world’s largest Delta. With Royal Bengal Tiger in it, this delta also enriches in biodiversity role in our eco-stream. However, India-Bangladesh’s Sundarban creates the world’s largest Delta. With Royal Bengal Tiger in it, this delta also enriches in biodiversity.

23) Shwedagon Pagoda Vs Global Pagoda –


Myanmar’s most sacred Buddhist pagoda Shwedagon has an alternative International level option in Mumbai. Global Pagoda situated at Borivali in Mumbai is the finest example of Pillarless work.

24) Mount Everest Vs Kanchenjunga-


Kanchenjunga, the highest peak in India likes in Sikkim. The height of Kanchenjunga is 8586 m. and the height of Mt. Everest is 8848 m.

25) The Sahara Desert Vs Thar Desert –


The lower part of India is coastal, the northern part is covered with snow, eastern part is full of forest and greenery, Middle India lies with mountains and plates and West side of India contains large desert named as “Thar desert”. No need to visit Dubai or Sahara desert in Africa when we have Thar desert in Rajasthan.

These were the world’s most popular tourist attractions which resemble with Indian places however, there might be hundred of others attractions in India which are similar to other travel destinations! Do share such place, attraction if you encounter while travelling!

P.S. Thank you so much, Maisha for helping me to edit the photos.

Thanks for reading guys,



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