14 Unique places to visit in Mumbai

It’s time to move from Gateway of India or Marine drive. Mumbai has hundred of unique attractions to visit. Here, I present the most amazing and unique things to do in Mumbai apart from regular one.

1. 4DX Cinema – A Mexican Theatre company Cinepolis brings very innovative and futuristic concept in Mumbai that is 4DX Cinema.  In 4DX Cinema, you can experience the movie. The interactive movies with real-time sounds, lights, feel comes to Thane’s Viviana Mall. I have seen Jungle Book and Zootopia in 4DX and I must say, it’s a worth witnessing the action in Mumbai. Grab your ticket for 4DX Cinema here. The price per person starts from INR 400-600. 4DX Cinema is located at Viviana Mall inside Cinepolis theatre.

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2. Meet Penguins – Byculla Zoo which is considered to be the world’s worst zoo brings Penguins to the new home. With 7 Humboldt penguins, this zoo attracted over 40,000 visitors in weekends. Ticket price is INR 100 and it’s a different experience to watch them in joyful nature. Go and meet them! This activity is located at Byculla Zoo near Byculla railway station.

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3. Kidzania – An International attraction Kidzania started it’s service in Mumbai 4-5 years ago. It’s a paradise for children. A model city with a hospital, airport, fire brigade, plumber, restaurant and with many such activities, your children can be a chef, a doctor, a plumber of a firefighter. Your kid will definitely grow with learning by visiting Kidzania.  Check their website for pricing and bookings. Kidzania is located inside R-City Mall, Ghatkopar.

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4. Chota Kashmir – A garden, a park or a lovers point, call it by any name. This Chota Kashmir is located at Aarey Colony. Surrounded by the forest it has a lake with boating facility. The garden is much popular among love-birds. Entry ticket is INR 5.

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5. Red Carpet Wax Museum – International Wax Museum named Red Carpet Wax Museum arrived at R-City Mall, Ghatkopar last year with more than 30 wax statues. I have never been here yet, but I would love to have a look once. They have wax statues of Gandhi, Anna Hazare, Mr Bean and much more. But if you have visited Lonavala’s Sunil’s Wax museum then you’ll find a lot of similarities. Ticket price for Red Carpet Wax Museum is INR 300 –  400.

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6. Canvas Laugh Factory – From day-to-day activities make some time to laugh at Canvas Laugh Factory. This is India’s first venue which is completely dedicated for humour. The venue is located at Lower Parel. This venue has witnessed the awesome comedies of AIB, TVF, SnG, and many others. Every weekend the venue hosts stand up comedies. Do check their website and grab your ticket to laugh.

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7. Wall climbing Goregaon – Mumbai’s one of the fewest artificial Wall climbing is located at Goregaon where you can practice wall climbing with all safety precautions. Increase your strength and spirit by attempting this climb.

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8. Dharavi tours – Dharavi is Asia’s largest slum which stats from Sion railway station to Mahim junction. A visit to Dharavi is highly recommended. Movies like Slumdog Millionaire was shot here. You will cherish the enthusiasm and life spirit of Dharavi people here.

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9. Snow World – Did you know, Hyderabad Snow world is the first Snowpark in India and Mumbai’s first snowpark is located at Phoenix Mall, Kurla? Beat the heat with year-long snowfall at Kurla’s Snow world. A one-hour session includes Ice Skating, Skiboarding, Ice slides and costumes. Ticket price is INR 550-600 per person. Check their website for more details.

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10. Night cycling in Mumbai A city which never sleeps is Mumbai. The best time to explore Mumbai is at night. Drive through Marine lines and Nariman point to Colaba and witness the sea winds and illuminating city. Join any cycling group or hire a cycle and start your journey alone.

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11. Mumbai Underwater Festival – Mumbai is organising it’s first Underwater Festival at Vile Parle. A huge swimming pool with Scuba diving, underwater hockey, Dive games, etc activities is a unique excuse for a Mumbaikar to get wet in Summer. Do check their website for more details. Ticket starts from INR 500.

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12. Bhau Daji Lad Museum This is the oldest Museum of Mumbai which is located just next to Byculla Zoo. The museum hosts tours, movie exhibitions and live performances. The ticket price is INR 10. Free public tours are conducted every weekend. The timings of free tours are 10.30 am (English) and 12.30 pm (Hindi). This museum also lets you hire an audio guide at the cost of INR 30. Check their amazing website here. The Museum is closed on every Wednesday.

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13. Sanjay Gandhi National Park Though Mumbai has its lost greenery, some part of Mumbai still holds the beauty of it. SGNP is an urban forest within the city which is also a home for leopards. Located at Borivali, this national park organises various events such as night camping, forest walks and natural trails. Entry ticket to the National park is INR 30-50 per person. Check their Facebook page for upcoming events.


14. Sassoon Dock – Mumbai is a coastal region where fishing is one of the popular business. Visit Sassoon dock at early morning and witness the local Koli (Native fisherman) dips into the fishing business. From selling fishes to other vendors to bargain, this Sassoon dock becomes much active during the early morning. Watch amazing creatures and fishes of the Arabian ocean by visiting Sassoon Dock.

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I’ll add up more unique Mumbai city attractions in this post. Meanwhile, do visit these places and let me know your experiences.


7 thoughts on “14 Unique places to visit in Mumbai

    1. Thanks Gargi, If you want to enjoy a night life in Mumbai in a unique way then you must try below places

      1) A walk from Narimam point to Girgaom Chaupaty
      2) Spend a night at Arnala fort
      3) Participate in “Night Under the stars” – An event by Sanjay Gandhi National Park

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  1. “Night Under the stars” – Sounds Crazy! I’m definitely going to participate in this one. Thanks a lot.
    I’m actually planning a 2 days trip to Mumbai and looking for cool activities to try in Mumbai. I found some good information in this article Places to Visit in Mumbai and it would be great if you can tell me if it’s worth a try to book a One Day Mumbai City Tour to visit all places or I should stick to exploring the city myself?

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