Naneghat: An ancient mountain pass in Sahyadri

Maharashtra is certainly gifted with the Western Ghat. 5th August 2017, I travelled to Naneghat which is 55 km away from Kalyan. Here are the stories, history & importance of Naneghat.

Summary –

Trek range: Medium

Time to climb: 3 hours


History –

Murbad and Junnar are two adjoined districts of Maharashtra which are well-connected by one of the glorious mountain passes that is ‘Malshej Ghat’. Around 200 AD, natives found a solution to lower down the travel time between Junnar & Kalyan & then they cut a huge mountain a little and a small pass was then created which got known as a Naneghat because whoever passes it, must have to pay the taxes in coins – Nane (Coins), Ghat (Pass).


Trek – 

We took an ST bus from Kalyan & after requesting the conductor, he halted the bus at the starting point of Naneghat. The board is clearly visible from the road. There are 5-6 stalls which serve, Batata vada, Maggi, and other snacks. At the entrance, you’ll find a check post. The entry fee is Rs 10. As you start the trek, you’ll find a beautiful route, a river on downhills, a garden with children playground. We moved ahead and after 15 minutes, we crossed a water stream. The water was cold, clear & was coming from a water reservoir. You’ll find a huge mountain, with a small cut on the top. That is the destination!! It generally takes 3 hours to climb the Naneghat. The path is scenic, with a waterfall on your left, some raw stairs & slippery paths make this trek an adventurous.


After 1 hour, we reached in the middle of the trek where it was an open land. We took a pause & next to us was a well & a small pond. After a couple of twisty turns & rounds, the path takes you to the top of the mountain where you will see different stones & stairs. That is the highlight of this journey and craziest part. The wind dashes on the mountain & find its own way through this small pass. You’ll feel chilly & the clouds will shower some rain drops which will enhance the experience.

As you reach the top, you’ll see a proper village. There are many stalls & small village-run restaurants. Unfortunately, there is no nearby bus station. You’ll have to walk 4 km to catch a local bus to reach Junnar bus depot. Hence, we start descending and it took 2.30 hours to get down. Getting down is a little bit scarier and riskier during monsoon. We reached the base at 5.30 pm. The big challenge was to get a bus for Kalyan. The buses won’t halt here. The halt is at Tokawade village which is 7 km from Naneghat start point. There are rickshaw’s which will drop you at Tokawade. The auto charged 200 rs per rickshaw. The bus frequency from here is every 10 minute. This is how our trip ended!


What to see at Naneghat?

Naneghat is one of the most scenic routes to walk in. It has a large cave at the top where you can have rest while doing the night trek. Rivers, waterfalls are add-ons. Pond, well are other attractions.


Can I go?

If you are a beginner, you’ll find little difficult for this trek, but go for it!!! Fatty people, oldies try to avoid this trek. Naneghat doesn’t have valley so it’s pretty safe. The trek range is medium but during the monsoon it’s uncertain.


Night trek?

Night Trek is permitted at Naneghat. There are caves at the top. The route is easy & it’s impossible to get lost. Carry torch-light & avoid entering the forest. Mosquito repellant cream is highly recommended.



  • Bus ticket: Rs 120 (Kalyan-Naneghat one-way. There is no official stop at Naneghat hence you have to buy next stop ticket)
  • Entry ticket: Rs 10
  • Food: Maggi 20 Rs, Poha 30 Rs, Vada Pav 10 Rs. Lunch plate 180 Rs
  • Rickshaw: Rs 200 per auto from Naneghat to Tokawade bus stop.

Pro tips:

  1. As there is no official bus stop at Naneghat, you will have to get rickshaw till Tokawade bus station. This is cost-effective, Don’t worry because from Tokawade the bus ticket is 60 Rs.
  2. The water streams have many crabs, frogs, snails & snakes too. Don’t go for the swimming at a dam.
  3. Stay connected on the route. Naneghat itself is a short-cut. Do not find an alternative.
  4. Naneghat is a perfect destination for Vlogging & photography.
  5. If planning a night trek, make sure its full moon night as this route will be most beautiful at that night/
  6. Tenting? Naneghat is the most suitable place. You can tent at the top. but there are many open lands at the base.
  7. Don’t be insane to drink water from ponds. Carry minimum 3 water bottles with you. There are no stalls in between. Trust me on this!
  8. The climate changes drastically here. Be ready for the freezy day at the top.
  9. We planned to get a bus from the top but it’s a bad idea. The bus station is far away & the connectivity is less.
  10. If you need more info, please WhatsApp me on +91 8767202670

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